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For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#218- 2 Bedroom house at Confer, Calivigny   US$ 280,000.00  ( Current )
2 Bedroom 2 bathroom New house at confer on the main road. Very nice area with constant breeze. All furniture included. House includes Laundry and Study, Burgular bars and super efficient sensor security system.
2 3
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#217---5 Bedroom 5 Bathroom house at LanceAux Epines   US $675,000.00  ( Current )
5 bedroom two storey house in Coral Crescent lance Aux Epines. 3 Bedrooms at the main floor with ensuite master bedroom. 2 Bedroom apartment at the Ground Floor
5 5 3
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#215---4 Bedroom house in Mt. Moritz, Super seaview   EC$650,000.00  ( Current )
House located about 2 min drive to Mt. Moritz main road. Panoramic view of Grand Mal bay, St. George's outer Harbour and Grand Anse bay and beach.
4 3
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#167---3 Bedroom house with 2 Bedroom Apartment   US$580,000.00  ( Current )
This home sits gracefully in True Blue within 3 min drive to SGU. 5 Min drive to the Airport. Secured with burgular panels and Security Gate. Open Concept Living, Dining Kitchen area. All furniture included.
5 3 3
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#154-- 5 Bedroom with Studio   US$478,000.00  ( Current )
This House is conveniently located in close proximity to the town of St. Georges's and about 10 minutes drive to Grand Anse Beach. First Floor contains 3 bedrooms with large master bedroom ensuite. Single bedroom apartment and Beauty studio at Ground
5 4 2
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#145--- 4 Bedroom House in Mt. Parnassus   EC$1,700,000.00  ( Current )
Excellent house in the Hills of Mt. Parnassus. Splendid View to Tempe Valley and Queen's park. 4 Bedrooms with 3 Bathrooms. Partially closed Garage for 2 Vehicles, Study, Store room , partially fenced.
4 3 3
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad# 138---5 Bedroom home in Fort Jeudy   US$600,000.00  ( Current )
Spectacular 5 bedroom home on Sea Coast in Fort Jeudy. Nicely laid out floor plan. Covered seating at roof deck. Swimming pool. 2 Vehicle closed garage. Study, Laundry and Studio Apartment all on 22,000sf of flat land.
5 4
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad# 107---5 Bedroom house in Mt. Moritz   EC$1,200,000.00  ( Current )
5 Bedroom very unique home in Mt. Moritz. 3 Bedroom at first floor with ensuite master bedroom. Ground floor 2 bedroom apartment, 2 vehicle closed garage. Ground floor Huge water tank, 2 store rooms and space for another single bedroom apartment.
5 4
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad# 105---3 Bedroom house at La Mode   EC$600,000.00  ( Current )
2 Bedroom 2 bathroom house with upper level master bedroom ensuite and private verandah. laundry and open deck at roof. land area suitable for decorative or vegetable gardening.
3 2
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad# 103--- 4 Bedroom House in Woodlands   EC$430,000.00  ( Current )
2 bedroom apartment at ground floor and 2 bedroom apartment at 1 st floor. Furnished with AC at 1st floor. Super Views to Calivigny Island and Lower Woburn. Burglar proof security bars to all doors and windows.
4 2 1
For Sale - St.Davids - Ad#96---2 Bedroom House in Corinth   EC$400,000.00  ( Current )
2 bedroom house in Beautiful Corinth St. Davids. Serene neighborhood. Panoramic View to lower Corinth and sea coast.
2 1 2
For Sale - St.Davids - Ad#84--3 Apartment building in Westerhall   EC$575,000.00  ( Current )
2 two bedroom apartments at first floor and 1 single bedroom apt. at Ground floor. Conc. roof/ floor would allow for addition of fourth apartment. A solid revenue earner.
5 3 4
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#77---3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath House in Fort Jeudy   US$360,000.00  ( Sold )
3 Bedrom house in Fort Jeudy. Stunning Views. Emmaculatey landscaped. Extensive garden of tropical fruits including Mangos, sapodillas, pineapples, soursaps and more
3 2 3
For Sale - St.Georges - 3 Bedroom home in Mt. Gay on 10,956 sf with Fruit Trees   EC$670,000.00  ( Current )
Beautiful 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom home in Mt. Gay. Very spacious, cozy Master Bedroom with private bathroom. Sunken Living room opening onto breezy scenic Verandah with views to the Tempe/ Mt gay Valleys. Efficiently laid out Kitchen with adjoining Nook
For Sale - St.Georges - 3 Bedroom Furnished house in Beautiful Hills of Mt. Gay   US$318,000  ( Current )
This House located in the beautiful hills of Mt. Gay Comprises three bedrooms with Master having private bath and Verandah. Large Warmly furnished living room. Spacious kitchen with island counter. Laundry. Enclosed garage for two vehicles. Scenic views
3 2
For Sale - St.Davids - 6 Bedroom house at Stone Street Westerhall   US$195,000  ( Sold )
First floor self contained apartment comprises three bedrooms and Laundry. Verandah with sea view Ground floor self contained apt Three Bedrooms and Laundry Parking for 2 vehicles
For Sale - St.Georges - 4 Bedroom Affordable House on St.Paul's Main Road   EC$750,000  ( Current )
2 Bedrooms one bathroom to both First and Ground floors. A rare Residential/ Commercial Unit with around 100ft of main road boundary. Great for the Buyer wanting to reside at the upper level and use ground floor for Commercial Activity.
4 2

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