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For Sale - Carriacou - Ad#146--- 2 acres Land in Bel Air, Carriacou   EC$5.00 sq. ft  ( Current )
Land in Bel Air Carriacou with panoramic views to both east and west coasts of Carriacou. Views are simply staggering. Lot is on the Main road with easy access to utilities. Road has been recently re-paved.
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#145-Magnificent Sea Coast Lot in Fort Jeudy   US$13.00 per sq.ft  ( Sold )
25,230 sq. ft. Lot in Fort Jeudy. This Lot with view to Calivigny Island and Egmont is one of few available on that coast. Perfectly sloped and graded gently towards magnificent seaviews.
For Sale - St.Andrews - Ad#142---1 acre to 15 acre lots in La Digue   EC$9.00 per sq.ft  ( Current )
1 acre to 15 acre lots in La Digue, St. Andrews with huge Agricultural potential. Land was Nutmeg and Cocoa estate. Very fertile soil with some lots already cultivated with Nutmeg and Cocoa. Paved access road.
For Sale - St.Andrews - Ad#141---6000sf to 22,000sf Lots in La Digue, St. Andrew   EC$10.00 sf  ( Current )
6000sf to 22,000sf Lots in La Digue, St. Andrew. Paved roads and all utilities available. Expansive Views to the eastern seacoast and surrounding lands. Bigger lots would accommodate productive gardens.
For Sale - St.Andrews - Ad#140---22,814sf in Paradise, St. Andrew   EC$12.00 per sq.ft  ( Current )
Beautiful Flat lot in Sugar Hill, Paradise. Land is fenced and all utilities readily available. 5 minutes drive to Grenville town.
For Sale - Carriacou - Ad#---139- 1Acre in Belle Vue South, Carriacou   EC$6.00 per Sq. ft  ( Current )
1 Acre Land In Belle Vue South, Carriacou. Sea views. Very gently sloping perfect for the Dream home. Constant Easterly breeze. Build in Carriacou for easy laid back living and Cultural festivals that date back hundreds of years.
For Sale - Carriacou - Ad# 133---27,942 SF in Limlair, Carriacou   EC$9.50 SF  ( Current )
27,942 sf Flat land on Main road in Limlair Carriacou. Near Sea Coast with fresh ocean breezes. Access to public utilities.
For Sale - Carriacou - Ad#126--11,774sf Flat lot in Bogles, Carriacou   EC$6.00 per sq. ft  ( Sold )
11,774 sq ft very flat lot in Bogles, Carriacou. Electricity, telephone and cable services readily available. New paved public access road, and approx. 400 ft from main road. Would be an asset to the home owner who loves gardening.
For Sale - St. Johns - Ad#123---8,779 sq.ft. In Breezy Mt. Granby, St. John   EC$12.00 sf  ( Current )
This lot is located on the Mt. Granby main road, surrounded by residential and Agricultural lots. Very quiet, cool breezy environment where you can have your dream house and cultivate a fruit garden in this very fertile St. John's soil
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#122---3 lots in Morne Jaloux Super Views   EC$16.00 to $20 SF  ( Current )
3 Lots in Morne Jaloux ranging from 10,000sf to 15,000sf. Overlooking Calivigny and Southern Sea coast. Gently sloping. Located about 300 ft from Morne Jaloux main road and within 10 min drive to Supermarkets and St. George's.
For Sale - Carriacou - Ad#119--- 4 Lots in Craigston Carriacou   EC$6.00 per sq.ft  ( Current )
4 Lots in Craigston, Carriacou. Within walking distance to Carriacou's beautiful beaches. 5 min drive to main city Hillsborough. 90 min boat ride by ferry to mainland Grenada and 22 min by plane.
For Sale - St.Andrews - Ad#117---3 Lots in Grand Bras, St. Andrew   EC$10.00 per sf  ( Sold )
Ad#117---3 Lots on main road in Grand Bras, St. Andrew (6171,7762 and 12000sf). Very gently sloping land. All utility services available. 10 min walk to grenville.
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#104---16,000SF in Morne Rouge   US$25.00  ( Current )
Easily the best Sea View in Grenada. this lot nestled in the cove surrounding Morne Rouge Bay has everything the home owner could ask for. Conveniently located within 5 min drive to shopping, banking districts restaurants and Fabulous beaches
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#102--21,227sf Lot At Westerhall Point   US$192,000.00  ( Sold )
Flat lot in gated community. All roads and services maintained exquisitely by neighborhood association. Minutes drive to beaches.
For Sale - St.Georges - Ad#-101---18,100 sf Land in Fort Jeudy   US$170,000.00  ( Sold )
Gently sloping Lot with Ocean view. Constant Easterly breezes keep neighborhood cool throughout the year. All services in place. Minutes walk to Fort jeudy Beaches.
For Sale - St.Davids - Ad#88---15,471 sq. ft Beautiful lot in Belle Isle, St. David   EC$18.00 per sq. ft  ( Current )
15,471 sq. ft Beautiful Gently sloping Residential Lot in Belle Isle, St. David. Seaview and views to the magestic hills of St. David. 5 min drive to beach
For Sale - St.Georges - 25,039 sf in Scenic Fort Jeudy   EC$25.00 sf  ( Current )
25,039 sf Land in Fort Jeudy. Views to ocean and Fort Jeudy Bay. All services available. Covenants in place to preserve a plesant and clean residential enviroment.
For Sale - St.Georges - 11,818 sf Sea Front land at Calivigny   US$11.00 sf  ( Current )
Superb seacoast land in Calivigny Development. Spectacular sea views. Plot slopes gently down to the sea and would be perfect for the construction of a jetty. If you are a boat owner then you need to look no further.
For Sale - St.Georges - 12,849sf in Fort Jeudy with Sea Views   US$8  ( Current )
Scenic Land in Gated Neighborhood of Fort Jeudy. Views to Westerhall Bay and the Southern Westerhall. All ammenities are available. Covenants in place for the protection of all homeowners assets.
For Sale - St.Georges - 24,000SF land in Grand Anse. Beautiful sea views   US$12  ( Current )
This lot commands very nice view of Grand Anse bay and surrounding hotels on beach. 5 min drive to shopping centres, gymns, theatres, churches, schools and the famous Grand Anse beach. Very serene neighborhood. All ammenities

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