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For Rent - St.Georges - AD#188-- 3 Bedroom house for rent in New Westerhall   US$2300.00 per month  ( Current )
3 Bedroom house in New Westerhall with Sea View on Flat nicely manicured yard. Two bedrooms unsuite and one with it's own Small Verandah. Huge Verandah at back of house, would allow for the best in outdoor parties and other entertainment.
3 3
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad#165-- Two- 2 bedroom apartments in Calliste   US$700.00 per month  ( Leased )
Two 2- Bedroom apartments in Calliste. Spacious living and Kitchen areas. Nicely sized bedrooms with A.C and ceiling fans. Burgular proof panels throughout.
2 1
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad#164---Single Bedroom Apartment   US$1000.00 per month  ( Leased )
Single Bedroom fully furnished apartment at Mt. Hartman 7 min drive to SGU. 5 min to shopping and banking centres and Anse beach. Beautiful views to Lance Aux Epines settlement and bay beyond
1 2
For Rent - St.Davids - Ad#162---3 Bedroom house In Westerhall   US$1300.00 per month  ( Current )
This Beautiful house sits on the side of a gently sloping ridge overlooking Westerhall bay. Ensuite Master bedroom. Very serene neighborhood. AC in bedrooms. Hot water in bathrooms. Burgular proof bars throughout. Fully Furnished
3 2 2
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad#153---4 Bedroom House in New Westerhall   US$1800.00 PER MONTH  ( Current )
This House located in the New Westerhall settlement sits gracefully on a flat extensive lot in very calm devine surroundings. Airconditioned throughout. Solar heater. Covered open car port and Maid's Quarters.
4 3 2
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad#135---2 Bedroom apartment in Calivigny   EC$1700  ( Leased )
Superbly located 2 bedroom apartment at Calivigny. Fully furnished. Sea views. Walking distance to Fort Jeudy beach. All utilities available including internet and cable services. Laundry with washer. Big Verandah and bonus covered Deck all facing View.
2 1 2
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad# 132--- House for rent in Mt. Hartman   US$1500.00  ( Unavailable )
3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom house. Spacious nicely furnished bedrooms with flat screen TV's. AC to all bedrooms. Ensuite master bedroom. Cable, Internet and water supply included in rent. Big Living area with flat screen TV.
3 2 3
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad#---100-Beautiful Apartment in Tempe   EC$1700.00  ( Leased )
Fully Furnished Spacious 2 Bedroom apartment in tempe. Burgular proof bars and window screens throughout. Dual electricity. Adequate Parking. laundry.
2 1 2
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad#93---370 sq. ft. Shop Space on Melville Street   EC$1600.00 per month  ( Current )
370 sq. ft Shop space on first floor of building Melville Street overlooking bus terminal and fish market. Valuable space for any type of retailer.
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad#87---2 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom Apartment   US$1300.00  ( Current )
Apartment in Fort Jeudy on seacoast with beach great for snorkeling. Fabulous Seaviews. Tennant will have access to fruit trees in adjoining garden
2 2 2
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad#85-- 3 Bedroom house in Coral Crescent   US$2500.00  ( Current )
3 bedroom house in Coral Crescent lance Aux Epines, Exquisite furniture Ensuite Master bedroom, Powder room, laundry with washer and dryer, Kitchen with microwave and toaster oven.
3 3
For Rent - St.Davids - Ad#82-- 3 Bedroom Prize for Rent   US$1800.00 per month  ( Current )
3 bedroom house for rent in Belle Isle, St. David. This is a prize for anyone looking for peace and tranquility in the St. David Hills. Superb Sea views
3 3 2
For Rent - St.Georges - 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath Apartment In Lance Aux Epines   US$1300.00  ( Current )
Fabulous 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom apartment with Laundry in Lance Aux Epines. Exquiste furniture. Bedrooms airconditioned. Fully furnished. Housekeeper and water supply included.
2 2 3
For Rent - St.Georges - 3 Bedroom House at Grooms Beach for Rent   US$1,200 Per month  ( Leased )
3 Bedroom House at Grooms Beach Point Saline. Very spacious bedrooms. Master bedroom with private verandah and bath. 2 Bathrooms Three minutes walk to two fantastic beaches.
For Rent - St.Georges - 2 Bedroom Apartment in Fort Jeudy, Sea Views   US$750 Per month  ( Leased )
2 Bedroom Fully furnished, Air Conditioned apartment in Fort Jeudy. Nice quiet up-scale neighborhood Fantastic sea views. Hot water. Parking for two vehicles
2 2
For Rent - St. Johns - 4 Bedroom Apartment In Gently Sloping hills of Palmiste   US$1,000 Per month  ( Current )
4 Bedroom Apartment in Palmiste, St John's. Apartment sits serenly in the Gently sloping hills of Palmiste. Here you can forget all about the rigors of the town and wallow in this Serene elegant Enviroment.
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad#9---House for rent at Groom's beach   US$1800.00 per month  ( Current )
Fully Furnished 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house at groom's beach. 2 min walk to cozy little beach. Close to Restraunts. 5 min drive to SGU. 7 min drive to Shopping centres. Three Verandahs. Master bedroom ensuite with private verandah.
3 2 2
For Rent - St.Georges - Ad#7---3 bedrm Apart. for Rent in Calliste   US$1,800 Per month  ( Current )
Located in flatlands of Calliste ideal for Jogging. Popular Restaurants in close proximity. Fantastic Beaches 10 min walk away. 7 min drive to Shopping & banking district at Grand Anse. 3 min Drive to St. George’s University.
3 2 2

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